Thursday, June 04, 2009
matter of fact: Blinded or plain ignorance?

So what with the achievements you've bagged?
Do they Really for that matter, Matter?

People inspire, but do inspirations matter?

Children sprawled on the streets, their very souls soaked with emptiness and resentment to the fact of their existence, do they matter or does it matter, for that matter?

Whether black, white, brown or yellow do they define who you really are, does it matter?

Oblivious to the existent meaning of Hope they sell The Precious of their own to Precious lost in the abyss, does it matter?

stashed with successes & failures you walk this journey, does it matter?

Stranded in this hope-less desolated world of your own, does it matter?

Is the world blind or ignorant or just being selective?

So, does it matter?

Sudden bursts of inspiration flood her thoughts and her heart drenched in more than mercy & sympathy, i can't explain, i need to pen it down. From today, The purpose of this blog shall be dedicated solely to that very purpose.


1:07 am

Monday, May 18, 2009
You strike me best when

"And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" Phil 4:7

This never fails to strike its significance in my insignificant tiny little brain of mine.

To You:
I ride on the roller coaster special and Made by Him, ups and downs, my railway crafted by my Only One. His love keeps me planted in my seat with occasional jerks the devil tries to throw me off rail with his deceitful manipulation. he tries to yank me out of my seat and fling me in all directions, but forgotten, you have long been defeated by my Only One. Don't you know don't you know, my carriage dwells in His love harder than a nail slammed into concrete. you claim a lost battle with my Only One thinking you have gotten all your fun, But. think again evil one, my Master has planned The Day will SURELY HAVE YOU DONE. you take precious lives and claim it into your hands thinking that you, you have made it into a trend. but think again evil one, The Day, The Day is yet to come. I've got a carriage made of gold so you can never, Never have a hold. Painful as it seems to see darkness dwell on carriages yet unseen but only He, He who crafts can make them whole and free from sin.

My Lord, my Lord, you give me vision that burdens my fragile heart. Teach me, guide me and make me Whole as Yours. It saddens me to see carriages caught in darkness, for he the evil one has sprayed black onto their gold carriages.

I Love You, in seem-ing darkness I cry but You have NEVER forsaken me. I thought i thought You left me alone but there You were more unmovable than a granite stone. You comfort me in darkness and bring me into light, I love You Lord so much more than i can fight.



2:43 pm

Sunday, March 15, 2009
blogger up!

Hey guys,

Our blog is up and running, though at a really slow pace but ohwells, it's good.
However, other than little bits and pieces of information which have not been finalised, alls good.

Hurry down!


2:04 pm

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hey guys,

2nd consecutive update! Updates on the blog selling thingy. Got pictures of friends, made them pose (tho awkwardly but nice attempt! haha) and here they are:

1. Mostly repetitions cos we do not have many samples/clothes & most importantly we were having fun while waiting for the laundry (haha sounds bimbotic i know..)
2. These are clothes and bags we own that we bought at the flea markets (therefore, it will DEFINITELY be priced reasonably) here in sydney, please please please shoutout if you're interested in stuff like these- and then, we can find a merry way to source these out :)

Got this vintage bag which was picked up (well, sorta) at Orange in Australia ;p

Loves: The navy blue blazer with adorable stripes at the chopped sleeves and the length of it, goes really well with dresses and bandage skirts or whatever! Versatility ;p

The demure pink-orange mini sundress has pretty thread-like details on the top; gi loves this!
For girls only

That's the vintage bag and shoes.

The triple leather clutch bag. Made of different types of leather like Ostrich etc, HANDMADE! (: I Love it.

Loose-fit grey tshirt and the black cropped blazer. blazer is generally stiff and looks smart.

Last but not least, The best buy! lol. Vintage shoes which is definitely the Epitome of classic vintage- with the gold strips running across the tip of the orange-red leather heels.

So anyways, these are all that we got, (for ourselves lol) so if you're interested in anything like that please let us know and we'll go searchinggggg but anyhoos, this is just the beginning! hahaha we''ll find much more unusual girly (and manly..) knick knacks. but for now, ciao!


2:08 am

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
a splash of melancholy keeps the colours mundane

ooooh wahla! the (no. 123456789th) redundant time i'm reviving my blog! Like casual CPRs whenever i can, makes life more interesting i guess?
Anyways, updates are as follow:
1. I'm back in syd, sad and away from home (& THE WORLD!)
2. lonely in my white dysfunctional crockroach-infested hole (okay, that's a little exaggerating haha)
3. SICK with some unknown stomach flu creepy-crawlie that never fails to churn my internals and swing my head back and forth
4. i'm trying to pack my little white room and prettify it but i don't see an opportunity
5. trying to catch up with work which i've missed
6. got dragged to a college dance audition which demanded me to.. D-i-r-t-y D-a-n-c-e. (SO YOU THINK germaine CAN dirty DANCE?!) Sorry but i just don't see or imagine how both terms actually go together.
7. So, thankfully.. the door wasn't locked: slippers phone and keys, and out i went :)
8. HOMESICK, Definitely.
9. Gi and I are contemplating on selling vintage items/ 2nd hand items on one of the blogs, probably this- Yeah, this IS the important one. We'll be sourcing out stuff from flea markets etcetera from right where we are, SO.. STAY TUNED?

Hahahaha sounds awfully cliche but oh well it is.. (i know. i'm no sales person i'm some boring thing lol. FOR NOW.)
We'll snap a few pictures of the items we already have which we've gotten for ourselves :) (yes, obviously..)

ugh this is. getting. so. boring.
Yep, no interest in this anymore. I reckon there was a blogging phase back in Singapore like tons of people or school kids rather, used to set up blogs pretty them up and ramble on and on and on bout their lives or whatever hoohahs they might've experienced for that day or week or year? LOL

Gosh, i wana be back home right now at this moment.
(Oopsy i sense melancholy)

HAHAHAHAHA it feels like i'm drafting a script! my goodness..


8:25 pm

Saturday, October 11, 2008
decipher my thoughts

It all started with Ria's blog, blog hopping. One inspiration and Teresa's nag to get me up and goin on this again, yes yes. This whole blogging thing has since proved itself to be ummm.. unnecessary and useless. Haha anyways, returned from Singapore on monday! Man, how i wish i was back there piggin' out ): ah, that just goes to show "good times will have an end" is true.

Life's a bore right now, something's missing. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT but there's this weird bird in me tellin' me i gotta do something but i JUST DO NOT KNOW WHAT! Ugh, tried goin shopping today but to no avail, yes i repeat, TO NO AVAIL! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! HAHA AWESOME. This shall be noted in my historical events book. Ah, maybe it's UNI? or like, should i be studying? (no motivation right now sorry) or, Should i be home right now? As in, the one in Singapore. Or, where's Phae? (PHAE: NOT FOR YOUR EYES! I DO NOT MISS YOU HAHA) Or, why am i still sick? Or, Why does my room look like a tornado just swept through it? Or, Where am i goin to shift to after Taylors House perishes? Or, When am i ever going to file my notes? Or, where's Mitchell? Or, why are there so many empty bottles in my room? OKAY SORRY I'M GOING A LITTLE OUT OF POINT HERE. But yeh, i feel weird. I've been having strange dreams for the past few nights! And Mitchell's attempt to alleviate me from all the stress was "It's all right, you dream more when you're sick. It's true." Haha i think otherwise.

Summary of nightmares:
Strange dream #1 I kept a dolphin and a shark in my fish tank (i prolly had a humungous one) and the shark bit my dolphin so i bashed it with a spoon, yeah, spoon, and it started bleeding mad and after that i felt really guilty though it killed my dolphin (my dolphin looked like a whale with a horn in the dream) Oh, and the shark actually belonged to my brother.

Strange dream #2 I bumped into a long lost friend and she told me their younger sister is going for a sex change! This is what they said: "YEAH, SEE SHE HAS LIKE BICEPS GROWING! AND LOOK AT HER LARGE FEET AND VEINS RUNNING THRU IT!" So apparently, the mum decided to TRANSFORM HER into a.. man. yes HAHAHA.

Strange dream #3 Mitchell and i were kayaking and alex crashed into our kayak and my ore totally screwed up, it was bent into a L shape. but the next moment i was drowning and for idontknowwhat reason my ankles were bound by shackles! And, next scene: Mitchell was carrying me walking towards the shore like some hero WAHAHA.

That's about all that's still fresh in my memory. Weird mind.

F1 WAS PLAIN AWESOME! :) Loved the roaring of the engines! Haha and witnessed a couple of crashes and booboos haha like Masa's ferrari speeding off with the fuel pipe still clung onto his car. Overall, Amazing! Would pay to go again :p


8:27 pm

Friday, September 19, 2008
drunken words are sober thoughts

It's been a longggggggg time, haha highlight of the week:

I passed my geopolitics essay :) Thank God, really. Before I dumped the assignment into the assignment box i was like "damn i bet they'll think this is baby work" haha well, not quite but sorta HAHA 2 more marks to a credit! considering i did it like 2 days before and it's my first assignment, overall, i'm happy. Not sure if i passed political economy though. Hope I do.

Anyways, let the pictures do the talking. Went for taylors 10 year anniversary dinner brought gi along as my partner haha. Nel was there. Danced quite a bit! Had lotsa fun dancing with the Teachers and THE DEAN. Yes, i repeat, DEAN.

Then it was Cherie's 18th;

Rohit the obvious prata man.


12:04 am

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's FRIDAY yet again! Went for soccer at 530 and guess what, I scored two goals! And it was Nick as the goalie wahaha. Somehow, there's more credit to my shots if you say it's a GUY guarding the goal. Hahaha the beauty of being a WOMAN. :) Anyhows, sociology and lingusitics assignments are due on Sunday and Monday. And my most dreadful tute on MONDAY- ECOP. The tutorial in itself is instiling fear into my fragile heart ): Hence the unenjoyable sunday evenings.

Oh, here are the pics and videos ; National day 080808 (WOAH, just realised it's such an auspicious day).







with love,
Sydney siders.


9:29 pm